Argent Kings Cross

How do you write your first sustainability report?

Photo © Argent

King’s Cross Sustainability Report

Working with Commercial Inspirations is a pleasure. I can trust them to get on and do the work and I know the end result will be fantastic.”

Head of Sustainability and Digital Strategy at Argent

When Argent was preparing the first King’s Cross Sustainability Report, the team asked us to help with copywriting.

We had already supported development of the sustainability vision for King’s Cross and were delighted to help communicate this to occupiers, community partners and local stakeholders, along with a comprehensive update on social and environmental performance.

During the reporting process, we came in at key stages to fine-tune copy, improve the narrative flow and draw out key messages. The final report defines the vision for King’s Cross as a place where people and planet can flourish together. It sets out ambitious environmental, social and governance targets, and outlines what the team is doing to achieve them.