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Partnering with a leading property company for two decades

Photo © British Land

Sustainability Reporting

We’re hugely passionate about our sustainability programme, and Commercial Inspirations bring the clarity and perspective we need to do this justice. Every conversation we share with them adds value. Every idea they introduce improves our thinking. Most of all, their ability to act as an ‘honest friend’ keeps us focused on our purpose, while making them a pleasure to work with.”

Head of Corporate Affairs & Sustainability at British Land

We have been supporting British Land’s sustainability reporting since 2003, producing successful communications that engage stakeholders – and win awards.

Every year, we help British Land produce its Sustainability Accounts and integrate sustainability into its Annual Report, corporate website, social media and other channels. Working as a trusted partner, we source information from across the business, write engaging content and support progress on areas including assurance, design, film, photography and social media.

British Land’s sustainability reporting has won numerous awards and commendations from organisations including the European Public Real Estate Association, Investor Relations Society and PwC. We are proud to have won British Land’s Consultant of the Year Award.