How do you change your business model?

Market Research

This was the scariest strategy move that we had ever made. I was worried about the negative reaction. We turned to Commercial Inspirations for help. We gave a tight brief and got high quality work on time and to budget. Commercial Inspirations is a very professional outfit, with good all-round skills that are a useful resource to our company.”

Managing Director at Halo

Halo creates premium furniture collections. When the team wanted to containerise the  supply chain – that is, to only process orders for full container loads – we surveyed over 200 international retailers to predict the impact.

We used retailer feedback to model the expected financial impact of containerisation and developed guidance on the best ways to manage and communicate the transition.

Following our presentation to the Board, Halo made the decision to change its business model. It successfully implemented containerisation, offering attractive terms of business to retailers that encouraged them to amalgamate their orders.